Welcome to English Study Portal

English Study Portal (ESP) is a new engaging and fun platform for live English learning. We are the cutting edge of e-learning with native English teachers and experts. We aim to provide a truly global education and, with teachers and students all over the world, we are able to deliver exactly that. Our technology enables personalized learning and a connection between teachers and students across the globe.

100 Years of Combined experience

Our Founders and Academic Specialists have 100-years of combined experience in the field of English teaching and training.


Student-Centred Learning

The focus is shifted from the teacher to the student. The students and the teachers play an equally active part in the learning process. Our aim is to help our students enhance their English skills in the best way possible.  This will enable them to communicate professionally in both spoken and written context. We also aim to assist students to pursue better education by excelling in their TOEFL or IELTS tests and find better job opportunities by passing the TOEIC test.